Our Farm was featured in a nationally broadcast TV show!  The HGTV series, "We Bought the Farm" documented the search that led us to Sundance Farm, in season 2, episode 4. You can find it by searching for that episode on your local cable/satellite provider on-demand listings.  Come find your perfect family Christmas Tree and experience the peaceful grounds seen on HGTV!

Sundance Farm on HGTV's "We Bought the Farm!"

The founders who chose this location knew what they were doing!  The farm's rich, deep soil and good water have kept the trees green and thriving.  We're busy getting things 'spruced up' (pardon the pun) for the upcoming tree-gathering season.  Our returning customers know that we've been aggressively re-planting every spring to build the inventory back up.  Since it takes 8-10 years to grow a Christmas Tree, we have a 'limited' supply for a few years.  We've marked the trees suitable for sale, and even though there are less this year than last, we still have many beautiful trees!  It just may take a bit more browsing to find your 'perfect' tree - or that amazing 'bargain' lowest priced tree perfect for going against a wall, in a small corner, or gracing a porch!