Nov 13, 2017:  Well, it snowed and it's --^ beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  : )

Our Farm was featured in a nationally broadcast TV show!  The HGTV series, "We Bought the Farm" documented the search that led us to Sundance Farm, in season 2, episode 4. You can find it by searching for that episode on your local cable/satellite provider on-demand listings.  Come find your perfect family Christmas Tree and experience the peaceful grounds seen on HGTV!

Sundance Farm on HGTV's "We Bought the Farm!"

October 2017:  Work continues in the fields mowing and shearing- trees are looking fantastic!

September 2016: The founders who chose this location knew what they were doing!  The farm's rich, deep soil and good water have kept the trees green and thriving.  We're getting things 'spruced up' (pardon the pun) for the upcoming tree-gathering season.  We have hundreds of trees ready for 'shearing time', and are starting work on our Christmas Village display in the beautiful sunroom overlooking the tree fields!

June 2016:  Cheryl and Mike gratefully assumed stewardship of Sundance Farm.  The previous owners, Susan and Rob, sustained and improved this historic piece of NH history and began the Christmas Tree vision at Sundance.  

We are opening on Friday November 23, 2018!  Hours are 9AM to 4PM