Sundance Farm began around the same time our country was born.  The original structure built by colonials - some of whom were born as subjects of the British crown - stands today, surrounded by newer additions - and the ever-bearing land.  Today the farm is a serene and scenic mix of fields and woods on 160+ acres, with lots of premium hand-sheared Christmas Trees!

Visit and explore all that Sundance Farm has to offer and find your perfect Christmas Tree this Season!

Real Christmas Trees are a renewable resource that add beauty and environmentally-friendly benefits to our world.  They remove CO2 (the greenhouse gas cited as a leading factor in global warming theory), add oxygen, provide protection from soil erosion, and serve as a year-round resource to wildlife.  They are also associated with a fun, festive, and family-centered time of year!  We are proud to offer our beautiful farm-fresh trees to clients from around the region, as they create holiday memories for a lifetime.  People love visiting and sharing the ambiance of the farm... most of all, they love the beauty and fragrance of a fresh vibrant Christmas Tree in their home for the holidays!  If you're researching real trees, see what others have to say about the benefits of growing fresh Christmas trees:    Environmental Benefits

A COMMITMENT TO GREEN... And beautifying your home