The magic of Christmas

"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.  In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall."  ~Larry Wilde, The Merry Book of Christmas.

Frequently asked Questions

"When are you OPENING?"

  • Due to limited selection of mature trees, we are not open for tree sales in 2021.  

"What kind of trees do you have?"

  • We've planted traditional Frasier and Balsam Fir, along with some Canaan and Concolor fir and even Balsam-Korean Fir hybrid.  Check our Facebook page for updates from the farm.

"How much do your trees cost?"

  • Because we are a family-fun traditional farm, we provide a competitive value.  We price by grade rather than by height.

"Can we bring our dog?"

  • Well-controlled dogs on a strong leash are welcome.  Bring a plastic bag and scooper in case nature calls in a public area...  ; )

"Do you tie the trees?"

  • We have two tree balers that can wrap your tree in plastic netting for the journey home. PLEASE NOTE:  If you select a large tree, or it's unusually cold, the tree baler process can result in broken branches - we will not be able to bale your tree if that is the case.
  • We strongly recommend bringing a tarp and twine to wrap your tree in - this protects your vehicle from scratches, and helps in getting your tree into your house.
  • You will need to secure the tree to your vehicle; DUE TO LIABILITY WE CANNOT ASSIST WITH SECURING TREES TO YOUR VEHICLE.  Bring ratchet ties or rope, and a tarp or blanket to help protect your roof or interior.
  • Clicke HERE for a fun and helpful video on how to tie your tree safely to your vehicle. 

"How long should we plan to be onsite?"

  • Daylight at this time of year is short so plan your visit accordingly.
  • The tree fields are a short walk away, and searching for your tree is a fun family adventure!  Take as long as you wish to enjoy your family time outdoors, but be mindful of the quick onset of twilight and the need to dress weather-appropriate at this time of year. 

"When will you have trees to sell again?"

  • Subject to growing conditions, possibly in as little as 2 or 3 years.